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Duvet Cover
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Allergo Encasing - Duvet Cover:

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Sufferers of house dust mite allergies opt for Majestic Gold After years of experience in... more
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Sufferers of house dust mite allergies opt for Majestic Gold

After years of experience in the field of house dust mite allergies and encasings, Allergo Natur has now optimized the protection available for your duvet. Majestic Gold is the name of the safe, high-quality fabric made from a functional microfiber blend. Allergo Natur is a brand that places great emphasis on tradition, and our company has already helped a great number of patients suffering from house dust mite allergies. Our operations, including production, are based in Germany, and our Allergo Natur encasings are always made in Germany.

Why choose Majestic Gold for house dust mite allergies?

Allergies are becoming increasingly common. All too often, the symptoms are underestimated — particularly in the case of house dust mite allergies. It is so easy to protect against this unwanted roommate, without the need for medication. Mite-proof bedding offers reliable protection and a high level of comfort. Majestic Gold is an exceptional new product that perfectly combines protection and comfort. Weighing 120 grams per square meter, the material is virtually mite-proof, but offers the great advantage of being breathable. Breathability is essential to ensure that you are not only separated from house dust mite allergens, but also sleep in a fabric that is soft and smooth. Ultimately, the Majestic Gold duvet cover should not alter the comfort of the duvet.

Minimal effort for house dust mite allergy sufferers

The everyday handling of the allergen-proof duvet cover is very straightforward for sufferers of a house dust mite allergy. To enjoy your own personal protection against mites, wash the covers at 90–95°C before use. It is very important never to use fabric softener when washing the bed covers. When you make your bed, the covers go under the normal bedding and are therefore invisible. Subsequently, only wash your encasings twice a year at 60°C to achieve the highest possible protection.

Are there any alternatives to the encasing for sufferers of house dust mite allergies?

Yes, of course. However, nothing works as quickly, and without side effects, as mite-proof covers. The combination of encasings for pillows, duvets and mattresses provides optimum protection for house dust mite allergy sufferers. In Germany, allergen-proof bedding is a high priority, and is therefore paid for by health insurance companies on behalf of German patients.

Enjoy reliable protection from Germany and prevent your house dust mite allergy from becoming more severe. Discover encasings manufactured in Germany, available in a range of sizes.

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