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Allergo Encasing - Base and Top (Mattress Cover):

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Base & Top – the next generation of allergy encasing To further improve patient care with... more
Product information "Allergo Encasing - Complete Set"

Base & Top – the next generation of allergy encasing

To further improve patient care with encasings for allergies and neurodermatitis, allergo natur came up with the idea of developing a mattress protection technology that enables a much simpler and faster changing process for all individual bed solutions in the form of a highly flexible modular system.

The solution is so simple it is ingenious: The next generation of allergy encasings from allergo natur now feature innovative Base & Top technology. The encasing consists of two sections: a base and a top. Encasing the mattress is no longer a difficult process. The mattress can be simply encased and securely fastened with a specially fitted all-round zipper.

Optimum protection with the flexible allergo modular system

  • Particularly for queen- and king-sized beds for patients for whom simple and practical use is key
  • For patients who need to wash an encasing more often (e.g. in cases of incontinence, heavy perspiration or for young children)
  • For patients who struggle to change the encasing by themselves (e.g. the elderly, those living alone, or those with back problems)
  • For patients with a large bed cover/mattress topper over two single mattresses (e.g. box spring bed)

allergo Base – forming a strong base for long-term use

allergo Base always consists of a perfect "trough" for the mattress — the mattress is simply placed inside the trough. allergo Base is always the same height. With its reinforced, 4 inches high edge, it nestles perfectly against the mattress, thereby preventing dust mites and dust mite allergens from below from entering or leaving your mattress. The high water vapor permeability and breathability contribute to a restful sleeping climate and promote healthy sleep in the patient.

allergo Top – flexible and easy to use

Depending on the mattress thickness, the appropriate allergo Top is placed on the mattress and the single surrounding zipper is fastened. The special internal protection flap guarantees that no dust mites can penetrate the zipper. In addition, the special protection flap also conceals the two ends of the zipper, ensuring that these don't catch on the bed or fitted sheets. The protection flap also adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that no dust mites or their droppings can escape at this point.

At a glance

  • High patient compliance - further promotes therapeutic success through simpler usability in everyday life
  • Simple and rapid to remove and replace
  • Allergens are not stirred up when changing the bed
  • Suitable for frequent washing
  • Internal zipper cover for maximum allergen protection
  • Reliable dust mite protection, even for individual mattress solutions
  • allergo Top is available in a wide range of different heights
  • Can be changed by one person
  • Flexible modular system: the base stays while the top is replaced, e.g. if you purchase a thicker or thinner mattress, or choose a different thickness for the top


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Your Personal Protection against House Dust Mites

Allergo Natur have been manufacturing encasings bearing the "Made in Germany" label for over 20 years. People's wellbeing is important to us and drives us to continue researching and developing new products. Our latest product is the "Allergo Majestic". This type of protection plays a particularly important role in preventing upper airway problems. The high-tech microfiber blend offers you safe and reliable protection, and feels soft and gentle against the skin to give you a peaceful night's sleep. The pillowcases are available in several sizes, so we have the right encasing for your pillow.

What can the product offer to sufferers of house dust mite allergies?

Allergo Majestic provides the most reliable protection against house dust mites while maintaining comfort — these two considerations are particularly important because although you do not want to come into contact with allergens while sleeping, you still want to feel comfortable. Made in Germany, the product is highly breathable to ensure a peaceful sleep. What's more, the allergen-proof pillowcase does not make any noise, which is particularly important when you lay your head down. For maximum protection, we recommend that covers are put on all bed linen, including the duvet and mattress.

Why choose encasings to prevent house dust mite allergies?

Encasings are a very good option for the treatment of house dust mite allergies because they work effectively without the need for medication. This means that your body is not placed under any strain and you will feel better without suffering any side effects. In Germany, health insurance companies have also realized the effectiveness of this solution, and are providing encasings for German patients — in some cases, only a small contribution needs to be paid by the patient.

What can you do to prevent house dust mite allergies?

Sufferers of house dust mite allergies want one thing in particular: to get a good, quiet night's sleep. Before you put the pillowcase on your pillow, it is important to wash the product. We would recommend that you wash the product for the first time at 90 to 95°C without fabric softeners. Once the mite-proof pillowcase has dried, you should notice that the material is much softer and smoother. Subsequently, wash your encasings twice per year at 60°C. Do not use fabric softeners as they will weaken your personal mite protection from wash to wash.



Duvet cover

Sufferers of house dust mite allergies opt for Allergo Majestic

After years of experience in the field of house dust mite allergies and encasings, Allergo Natur has now optimized the protection available for your duvet. Allergo Majestic is the name of the safe, high-quality fabric made from a functional microfiber blend. Allergo Natur is a brand that places great emphasis on tradition, and our company has already helped a great number of patients suffering from house dust mite allergies. Our operations, including production, are based in Germany, and our Allergo Natur encasings are always made in Germany.

Why choose Allergo Majestic for house dust mite allergies?

Allergies are becoming increasingly common. All too often, the symptoms are underestimated — particularly in the case of house dust mite allergies. It is so easy to protect against this unwanted roommate, without the need for medication. Mite-proof bedding offers reliable protection and a high level of comfort. Allergo Majestic is an exceptional new product that perfectly combines protection and comfort. The material is virtually mite-proof, but offers the great advantage of being breathable. Breathability is essential to ensure that you are not only separated from house dust mite allergens, but also sleep in a fabric that is soft and smooth. Ultimately, the Allergo Majestic duvet cover should not alter the comfort of the duvet.

Minimal effort for house dust mite allergy sufferers

The everyday handling of the allergen-proof duvet cover is very straightforward for sufferers of a house dust mite allergy. To enjoy your own personal protection against mites, wash the covers at 90–95°C before use. It is very important never to use fabric softener when washing the bed covers. When you make your bed, the covers go under the normal bedding and are therefore invisible. Subsequently, only wash your encasings twice a year at 60°C to achieve the highest possible protection.

Are there any alternatives to the encasing for sufferers of house dust mite allergies?

Yes, of course. However, nothing works as quickly, and without side effects, as mite-proof covers. The combination of encasings for pillows, duvets and mattresses provides optimum protection for house dust mite allergy sufferers. In Germany, allergen-proof bedding is a high priority, and is therefore paid for by health insurance companies on behalf of German patients.

Enjoy reliable protection from Germany and prevent your house dust mite allergy from becoming more severe. Discover encasings manufactured in Germany, available in a range of sizes.