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Our aspiration: natural ingredients for the highest levels of effectiveness and tolerability

At Allergo Natur, research and development means breaking through our limits, continuously thinking outside the box, and always being open to the undiscovered. At the same time, we consistently pay attention to allergy sufferers and neurodermatitis patients, and their specialist requirements. At Allergo Natur, the wide range of allergy-related problems and staying healthy are prioritized. And this also marks the start of our wide-ranging research and development work.

Research focus dermatological allergology

Fotolia_1407462_M-300x199Together we research and develop new methods in the field of dermatological allergology. In this area, we research solutions for the specific skin problems of allergy sufferers and neurodermatitis patients.

In interdisciplinary scientific teams consisting of dermatologists, geneticists, biochemists, molecular biologists, medical experts and chemists, and in close collaboration with acclaimed universities and other leading scientific organizations, groundbreaking innovations which are made in Germany are continuously brought to fruition. Dermatological allergology has also seen the development of the new, innovative range of products, Allergo TH2, which lead to a targeted improvement of the skin protection barrier.

Thanks to this interdisciplinary cooperation, new research results are developed which we transfer to new products supporting the health of allergy sufferers so that they can benefit from the results gained in the field of dermatological allergology on a rapid and sustainable basis. It is in this way that we give the Allergo Natur products their unparalleled effectiveness and tolerability.

We place our trust in natural plant extracts and check the effectiveness of all our products in dermatological tests. Manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards and checked for quality, our highly effective creams and lotions are then given to the experienced, competent hands of the pharmacists.

Product development


The goal of our product development is for people to be able to live a better life with their allergy. In this way our development department also looks into how we can make our allergy products safer and even more comfortable to use.

Our latest development is the base & top principle for especially heavy and large mattresses. The allergo range of base & top products is also perfectly suited for use with normal mattresses. You can re-cover your mattress in just two minutes, which saves a lot of time. If you buy a new mattress, you don’t have to replace your entire encasing like you did in the old days, you only have to replace the top. Thanks to the unique fitting

Made in Germany means quality


From the idea to the application, Allergo insists on quality products that are made in Germany. We therefore manufacture our highly effective allergy encasings at our own facility in Bavaria, and the DORIMED neurodermatitis suits in Hagenow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The creams and lotions developed by Allergo Natur are manufactured at plants in Germany only. This means we not only reduce our transportation costs and protect the environment, but with our main administrative office in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, we also make a conscious contribution to the location of Germany, as this is both where we want to manufacture and where our customers are. Allergo Natur sees itself as being a high quality research company with a clear sense of social responsibility.

Our maxim: showing respect toward the environment

A key attribute of our work is showing respect toward the environment and its valuable natural active substances. For this reason, we insist on raw materials that are of organic origin, on the basis of renewable resources. In the scope of our quality initiative, we can therefore trace the sea buckthorn that we use, that is exclusively grown in Germany, to the field in which it was grown, so that we know exactly which sea buckthorn plant comes from which field, and the batch in which our products will be used.

No animal testing

For Allergo Natur it goes without saying that we do not use animal testing for research or any of our manufacturing and development processes whatsoever. This also applies to the future: no animal testing will be used or contracted for any of our products. This is a principle to which all of the companies with whom we work are also committed. We believe research and development in the pharmacological field must always be in harmony with the natural world and the environment. The high quality and purity requirements we attach to raw materials and the strict checks in the scope of the quality tests guarantee the high level of safety and quality of our products.

We do not use the following in our products:

  • Synthetic silicone oils
  • We largely avoid PEGs
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Colorings
  • Cortisone
  • Fragrances